45B, Alagesan Nagar, Chengalp[attu, (Opposite Government Hospital)

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The Department of Obstetrics at Athveka multispeciality hospiatal is well experienced to take care of all your maternity needs, from preconception to postnatal care headed by Dr. Sasikala Vishwanathan. Our experience allows us to confidently say all high-risk pregnancies can be with at most expertise and care.

Our aim is to take care of the mother right from the start of pregnancy by providing complete antenatal care, diet counseling, exercise and pregnancy classes, encouraging the husband to get involved in caring over the pregnancy and' especially during Delivery. We encourage normal delivery by giving' detailed 'information and support to the family as a whole.

Obstetrics services provided:

  • High risk pregnancy care
  • Natural birthing programme
  • Post Delivery Care
    • Breast feeding classes
    • Contraception counseling
    • Post partum depression management