45B, Alagesan Nagar, Chengalp[attu, (Opposite Government Hospital)

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About Clinic

Athveka Multispeciality Clinic is a patient-centric multispecialty institution focused on delivering a high-quality healthcare experience at an affordable cost.

Athveka Multispeciality Clinic is supported by a renowned team of clinicians, surgeons, parmedical and nursing staff.

Athveka Multispeciality Clinic's patient care is ethical, safe and of a very high calibre. That patients' interest is foremost and their family's rights are always respected; a culture of Continuous Improvement is in practice and that the organisation ensures a good working environment with scope for continuous learning and professional development for staff.

24 hours pharmacy

A well stocked 24 hours pharmacy to cater to the patient needs.
Aradhanaa Pharmacy works closely with physicians & Nurses to ensure that the medications in the pharmacy are safe & effective.
With highly skilled pharmacist & other members closely getting contact with the patient care team to provide excellent checking system of prescriptions and also check for possible interaction with other drugs.
From 24/7 Pharmacy and Laboratory services to laddered levels of patient care such as Day Care, High Dependency Unit, Intensive Care Unit to medical amenities like Blood Storage Unit and Central Sterile Supply Department, the facilities at Sree Renga Hospital grew to match the unmet needs of this geography.

Intensive Care Unit (ICU) – powered by telemedicine
Thanks to technology, expert care and consultation of patients’ conditions such as heart attack, stroke, poisoning, road traffic accidents, neurological and oncological issues, elevated blood sugar and pressure levels is only a video call away.

A new-age facility at Sree Renga Hospital, Chengalpattu puts doctors and critically ill patients in direct, live, round-the-clock videoconferencing contact with specially trained Intensive Care Specialists (Intensivists) in Chennai, over a dedicated 6 Mbps broadband connection.

High Dependency Unit (HDU)
A step-down care facility for patients requiring lesser than critical care; personal monitors, centralized oxygen supply and suction facilities provided.

Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD)
CSSD department has well demarcated areas for washing and packing, autoclaving, sterile storage and issue counters. Supply of sterilized Instruments and dressing materials to all departments like Operation Theatre, Wards, Labour room, Dialysis etc. is done by the CSSD.



Ambulance services
Ambulance service is available round the clock in the hospital for the patients’ needs.
The Ambulance has all the equipments and emergency drugs & oxygen cylinders needed for emergency cases to stabilize critically ill patients.
Ambulance services are used by patients for emergency pickup & for transporting patients after discharge from hospital.

Unsterile and sterile corridors used to get linen to and from the Laundry. Stained (blood / non-blood) are segregated, sorted, washed and dried by trained personnel

Fitness Clinic
Exercise therapy is prescribed and administered for patients with a variety of conditions: weight reduction, Obesity, Infertility, Diabetes and stress-induced conditions, by a well-trained physiotherapist. Yoga and diet counseling services are also offered to appropriate patients.