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Coming Soon... Cardiology is the branch of medicine that focuses on identifying and treating diseases and conditions that are linked to cardiac problems. The heart and blood arteries are part of the cardiovascular system. It is also known as the circulatory system. Cardiovascular specialists are medical professionals that focus on issues affecting the circulatory system. The field of cardiology is concerned with conditions affecting the heart and cardiovascular system, including abnormalities and diseases. These conditions could include congenital cardiac abnormalities, heart failure, electrophysiology, and arterial disease. A cardiologist is a doctor with specialised training in identifying and treating diseases of the cardiovascular system. Blood tests, echocardiography, magnetic resonance imaging, stress testing, or echocardiography are used to perform it. Cardiologists get additional training in minimally invasive surgical techniques and treatments such heart catheterizations, pacemakers, and angioplasty. On the other side, cardiac surgeons have received training in surgical procedures like opening the chest, doing heart surgery, replacing valves, and more. Doctors who specialise in treating heart conditions and disorders include cardiologists and cardiac surgeons. In order to help patients from the time of diagnosis to prognosis, the cardiology department at ATHVEKA- Womens Healthcare & Multispeciality Clinic Hospitals,has competent, talented, and trained specialists who are experts in the field of cardiology. The hospital is well-equipped with a battery of doctors and cutting-edge facilities to undertake necessary examinations, operations, and corrective surgery.